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Click Hereto View this Property! -->Building is in great condition. Supported by steel and oak I beam. 4 layer brick foundation. Hardwood floors and a concrete third floor. Metal roof. Some areas of the building do need brick repair. Some area are on the top and and other areas on the ground level. The areas are not effecting the overall structure. Areas are of minor concern. About half the building windows need covered or replaced.SOME OF THESE PICTURES ARE FROM LAST YEAR. ALL LANDSCAPING HAS BEEN DONE. THE LARGE BUSHES SEEN GROWING IN THE PICTURE ARE GONE. THE AWNING HAS BEEN PAINTED ALSO. MANY OF THE GREEN WINDOW COVERS HAS BEEN REMOVED TO REVEAL THE ORIGINAL GLASS AND WOOD FRAME WINDOWS. SOME WINDOWS HAVE ALREADY BEEN REPLACED BUT NEARLY HALF STILL NEED COVERED OR REPLACED/REPAIRED. THE INSIDE HAS BEEN CLEANED OUT AND ONLY A FEW ITEMS STILL REMAIN. BUILDING INTER IOR IS CLEAN AND FREE OF ANY TRASH,DEBRIS,UNWANTED ITEMS,ETC

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